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  • Head of Marketing and Communications for Laurence Carr, Inc.
  • Chief Copywriter and Creative Strategist for Sah D’Simone.
  • Magic maker on a limited basis for people like you!

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Short version:
I write things that inspire people to improve their lives. I help businesses AND their audiences to see their potential, and want to act on it. That’s my thing.

Full version:
I’m a writer, best known for being the creative force behind the award-winning and world-renowned wedding planning blog, The Broke-Ass Bride, and author of The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide, (Penguin Random House/PotterStyle). It was a wild, exhilarating ride, but I left that world behind to expand beyond weddings.

Now, I write copy for and develop memorable and engaging content to make the people and brands I work with shine. I have a knack for creating compelling, relatably friendly, yet informative messaging that draws people in and leaves a lasting positive impression.

I help brands find their voice and make it sing.

I channel my client’s voices to ghostwrite profound and personal stories.

I coin witty and memorable taglines.

I capture people’s essences in unexpected and impactful ways.

I’m a chameleon, able to adapt my tone and voice to suit the needs of my clients… but my personal “je ne sais quoi” is a style that feels smart, irreverent, warm, wise, and playful.

You have a quick one-off writing job? I gotchu. But, my happy place is long-term collaborations. With most of my long-term clients, I’m more than a writer… I’m a trusted partner in creative strategy.

Prior to writing, I earned degrees in acting and theatre so if you want drama, I can bring it. (Most of the time, I save it for my mama). I have also appeared as host to many events, television segments, and videos online—including a 2-episode TV special based on my former blog. In short, I clean up alright.

I like improving the world, improving myself, hot baths, tea, kpop, and nature. Wanna work together? Hit me up!

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The kind of magic that increases conversions like whoa.

The kind of magic that incites action.

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