DIY Gold Polka Dot Wall. Kate Spade would be so proud!

Not to brag, but let me brag. When I moved into Paul’s condo, he graciously insisted that I take the gorgeous master bathroom as my own – and moved himself into the guest bathroom on the other side of the house. What’s that saying? “A happy couple never has to fight about the position of the toilet seat?” or “A happy couple never has to smell each other’s poop?” or “A happy couple never has to negotiate over who showers first?”

It’s a beautiful concept. I love having my bathroom as a personal haven of hygenic privacy. I have a wonderful jacuzzi tub, and roomy shower, and enjoy luxuriating in one or the other on a daily basis. But, after it being solely inhabited by a single man for the past 2 years, it definitely lacked a woman’s touch. There was nothing on the clean cream walls, and my lady-heart was screaming for girlish decor. ?It’s the only room in our home that I can completely control the look and feel of, and it took me quite some time to figure out what I wanted for it’s overall mood.

First, I found this vinyl wall decal at Target, and put it on the wall next to my vanity. I loved the luxe gold calligraphy, and thought it would set a good mood right off the bat.

Then I saw Jordan’s polka dot wall in her studio, and it struck me like a lightning bolt. I wanted gold polka dots on my bathtub wall, and I wanted them NOW. I’m a huge fan of patterns in general, but the dots get me every single time. It’s no secret that I worship at the altar of Kate Spade, and this idea is clearly very inspired by that obsession.

I was going to do potato-print dots, like Jordan did… but my friend Audrey found these vinyl decals from UrbanWalls on etsy for me. I loved the size and uniformity of them, and Paul loved the fact that they’re easily removable without having to re-paint, when we decide to move. So, I ordered up 2 rolls for a total of 100 four-inch dots for the affordable price of $77 CAD / $69 USD, and recruited a girlfriend to help me out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We started by cutting out each circle and roughly spacing them out until we decided what looked best. We measured the space from the edge of one dot to the next, which was about 3 inches. It was easy to just use the ledge above the tile to prop them up while we figured it out.

diy gold polka dot wall

Then it was as easy as peeling off the backing, sticking the circle onto the wall into the correct spot, and rubbing them with a straight-edged plastic (we used my Cast Iron scrapers) until they had adhered fully, and we could peel off the front. Since I wasn’t feeling particularly perfectionistic that day, we used the ruler to measure the first and last dots of each row or so, and eyeballed the rest. I chose to do alternating rows, so positioning the dots just above and between the two below was kind of a cinch. And behold! My DIY polka dot wall of glory!

Sure, there’s about two areas that came out a little wobbly and imperfect, but I really don’t mind. It reminds me that I made it myself, rather than hiring a decorator. And the effect of the whole wall is so beautiful and stylish, my heart is happy every time I walk into my bathroom! Look at how the light catches the gold on the dots, and how well the shade of gold complements our tilework!

DIY gold polka dot wall

diy polka dot wall before

All in all, we used 97 of the 100 dots. And if I ever get sick of them, or we decide to sell our place and move… all I have to do is heat the dots with my hair dryer to release them!

I’m so proud of my first big home craft, and love what a big impact it makes for under $70!

Stay tuned for more bathroom decor updates, coming soon!



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