Long Time No See….

Dana LaRue Park

Hello, friends! It’s been (more than) a long while, but I’m easing myself back into writing and wanted to breathe a little life into this blog and share some brief updates about where I’ve been and what’s new.

First, we have a new blog name! While I was away, my ownership of the url LaRueblog.com lapsed, and someone quickly snapped it up and is holding it hostage for more than I’m willing to pay. I don’t know what kind of moneybags they think I am, but it seemed like a good chance for a fresh start. (Or anustart, for my fellow Arrested Development fans out there.) So I put some thought into a new name and came up with Write On, Dana. I like it because it is both a directive command to create and also a phrase of kind encouragement… both of which I often need. Hopefully, I’ll heed its advice to heart and start posting more often.

Next, a lot has happened, so here’s the quick-and-dirty overview.
In 2017, we sold our westside condo and moved to Koreatown. Then some dicey family stuff went down that required a temporary move back to the Chicago area, which lasted about 18 months. We returned to Los Angeles in February of this year, happily reunited with Koreatown again.
Maeve is now 4 years old (I’m not sure how, since she was just an infant yesterday).
Paul went into business for himself.
I did a stint or two teaching preschool but ultimately decided that’s not the path for me.
My eyes came out of remission, so I had 2 more surgeries to quiet them down again for a bit. I was blind in my right eye for 3 weeks due to complications, which was a truly miserable experience. But everything is nice and quiet in my eyes now, for the time being.
I rediscovered how much I love to dance.
I decided to retire The Broke-Ass Bride for good (which you can read about here).
Now I’m getting back to freelance work, writing copy and articles about this and that for a variety of clients. It’s full of fun, exciting challenges.

After a long period of so much upheaval, we’re finally starting to settle down and dip our toes back into “normal life.” Phew, friends. It’s been… a lot. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

So, stay tuned here for more of the same as before (parenting, memoir, lifestyle, cooking, korean wife camp) with even more fun things to come (are you a fan of BTS? Because if not, you’re gonna be). And in between posts here, you’ll find me over on twitter and instagram.

As always, thanks for hanging with me! I’ve missed you.



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