LaRue: a rebirth

Oh hello there. My name is Dana, and this is my new blog.

I started my first blog when I got engaged, six years ago. A mere baby in the blog world, I was finding my feet and my voice – finding myself as a writer and bride-to-be. A year later I was married, and my blog had grown into a trusted resource in the wedding world, so I decided to continue running it as such, rather than moving forward past weddings and into my life.

It was a smart move. The blog has flourished into more than I ever dreamed it could be and catapulted me into the roles of wedding expert, entrepreneur, and published author… but in the years that have followed, I’ve desperately missed having the space to share my experience, to connect with a world outside weddings through the magical mystery webz, to brandish my unique Dana-ness through the tapping of fingers upon a keyboard and pixels on a screen.

Six years later, my marriage is over, and a new journey is beginning. Life told me it was time.




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