Ear Candy: Sexy Times & Kicking Ass

Guys. When I need to set a mood, the first thing I turn to is music.

And the two things I find myself needing to set moods for, most often, are either “Kicking Ass” or “Getting Freaky.”

I know I’m not alone in either jamming my face off to get myself motivated and confident before an important meeting or during a bad-ass workout, or letting some seductive tunes slide over me like silk as I prepare to have my world rocked by a special someone. So, I’ll be sharing those tunes with y’all, from time to time, via my carefully curated Spotify playlists.

PS: can we take a moment to mourn how abysmally overused the word “curated” has become? It’s like the handlebar mustache of verbs.


Here are the first tracks on each, for your aural pleasure! (hehe, I said aural. It sounds like oral. I’m twelve.) I’ll be adding new tracks each week, so stay tuned!

Music for Kicking Ass | LaRueblog

Music for Sexy Times | LaRueblog



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